Open Blend Method is a simple,
four-step process.

Uniquely combining the practicality of online and the power of one-to-one.


Stage One

The enthusiasm and capability of your managers is essential to guide your employees through the process effectively.

So that’s where Open Blend Method begins.

A management workshop sets the scene, taking what might initially feel like an unfamiliar concept and presenting it in familiar terms. We take managers through the fundamentals of coaching and enable them to apply these skills with our online platform.

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The objective of these workshops is to ensure managers can create the best experience possible for their employees.

The outcome of this first stage is a committed number of managers who become the catalysts of your new culture.

Stage Two

The process then moves to the talent.

This is where each employee creates their wellbeing benchmarks and their unique Blend wheel, identifying the eight micro level drivers that most impact their ability to reach their potential. Our online platform provides simple and clear instructions to navigate the individual through this insightful exercise.

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The output from this is a talent profile containing their unique ‘blend’ wheel. Their blend wheel serves as a visualisation of where they are now and where they want to get to. As the programme progresses, it becomes the reference point that illustrates how progress is being made.

Stage Three

We now bring the two parties, the manager and the talent, together.

The real impact happens in a session. The aim of each session is to discuss the areas needed at that time, whether it be wellbeing, key drivers or performance objectives; they decide. It is an opportunity for the talent to talk about their wellbeing and their unique Blend, and how each affects their potential. For the manager, it’s an opportunity to have open and honest conversations, build rapport and understand what really drives their talent to perform.

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The outcome is a process that both parties buy into, and an initial set of practical actions that will kickstart the journey to enhanced wellbeing, and therefore improve performance.

Stage Four

The foundations are now in place to make Open Blend Method an integral part of the way you run your business.

The managers and talent can then meet as often as they like to sign off actions, discuss the talents' wellbeing, drivers or performance and create actions around how these can be enhanced.

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This open-ended, honest conversation between a manager and their talent will help create an authentic and modern culture, where talent feels valued, and knows their manager understands them as an individual.

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