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Are you looking forward to long, lazy days in the garden with the kids, and lots of fun day trips to the beach or to Cliveden? Or are you starting to fret how you're going to juggle your work, life and the children over the holidays? Can you feel your heart rate soar just at the thought? Don't tear your hair out, you can make it work.
Monday, 4 July 2016

Leading Millennials

Have you noticed what is happening at your workplace? Have a little look around you now? Are a lot of your colleagues looking a lot younger than you? Does it seem that your workplace is full of ‘bright young things’ who see the world differently from you? That’s because your workplace is increasingly a place dominated by 20- and 30-somethings who may indeed see the world quite differently from the way you do. What has started inevitably as a trickle is about to become a torrent and with this new tide of Millennials (born c.1980-2000) arriving into the workplace, will come a scouring effect on organisations. It’s about time.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence is also referred to as our Emotional Intelligence Quotient or the degree to which our emotional intelligence is developed. For many years we have known about and used IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as a measure of our personal effectiveness and ability to deal with problems of varying degrees of complexity.

Leaders finally realise the importance of a fully engaged workforce. Now they should learn what practices drive and sustain happy employees.

We are delighted to announce the release of our Digital Salary & Industry Insights report. In partnership with The Drum, the 7th edition of the report provides insight into the salaries and working lives of the individuals driving the global digital economy that’s more comprehensive than ever.

Staff absences are now costing businesses more than £500 per worker, but employers are still not doing enough to protect their employees' wellbeing.

by Anna Rasmussen June 8th 2016

You can tell a lot about someone from just a little observation. On this particular day I was learning a lot from the two men sat opposite me in a cafe.

It is time to abandon the idea of the work-life balance. Work and life don’t exist in separate, opposing spheres. In a world of 24 hour connectivity, the distinction between the two is increasingly impossible to make out.

by Paul Lindley, the founder and chairman of Ella's Kitchen, and founder of Paddy's Bathroom for City A.M.

If you want to inspire the next generation of workers--and attract them to your company--new research shows that nothing works like a rock-solid mission statement.

Millennials think the best leaders possess an overarching "sense of purpose," according to a study released on Wednesday from consulting and accountancy firmDeloitte.

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