Thursday, 6 December 2018

Help! I need to know the answer...

Creating a coaching culture where managers are able to have more meaningful conversations is a great way to accelerate performance and engagement.  We know this. But sometimes...

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Our top 5 tips for a great one-to-one

One-to-ones are crucial when it comes to effectively managing your people and understanding their goals, aspirations and drivers.  It’s also about building a relationship on a human level that brings out the best in everyone, supporting each member of your team to reach their potential.

Are you looking forward to long, lazy days in the garden with the kids, and lots of fun day trips to the beach or to Cliveden? Or are you starting to fret how you're going to juggle your work, life and the children over the holidays? Can you feel your heart rate soar just at the thought? Don't tear your hair out, you can make it work.

Just 15 minutes a day to improving your life? Why wouldn’t you? Perhaps it’s time to!

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