Friday, 18 August 2017

Introducing our new Head of Customer Success...

In August, we added another member to the Open Blend team. Keep reading to find out more about Ross McClelland...

What is your career background?

My career began as a Consultant for Accenture (way back in 2004!), working specifically in the finance sector. This was somewhat of an eye opener for me but a brilliant grounding to understand very large change and transformation projects; specifically recognising the importance of a working culture and understanding the development of a culture within professional organisations.

I always have had a huge passion for rugby and got the most incredible opportunity in 2006 to move to New York, USA, to work full time in the development of rugby; first as a Coach Development manager and then as a Commercial Partnerships Manager. I had the most incredible experience learning about fund acquisition to support the growth of a business and sport that was just so unique within the US. Just brilliant.

I returned to work for Activate Consultancy where we supported major blue chip organisations develop their CSR strategy, specifically using their funding to support sporting and development initiatives.

In 2014, I joined a wonderful leadership and development consultancy, Lane4, as Clients Solutions Consultant. We worked globally, across all industry sectors supporting the performance of their people and culture. Lane4 was brilliantly innovative in this space.


How did you first learn about Open Blend?

I met Anna nearly 4 years ago when she was involved in developing the initial, industry leading research that first formulated the academia behind what is now Open Blend. Brilliant research then, and now amazing to have developed in to something so unique in the people and talent space.


What made you choose to work for Open Blend?

I was not initially looking for a new role! I connected with Anna, and over a coffee she delivered a fabulous vision of what Open Blend will be and what my now current role will involve. It is exciting and ambitious and I love to work in that type of environment; a natural fit. This is a chance to shape something that can have a huge impact in organisations and really change people's working lives. Too many people moan about work and their managers, I think we can do something amazing to help solve this.


What is your role in Open Blend?

I’ve joined Open Blend as the Head of Customer Success and my role is to create the best customer experience for all our new and existing clients. Our goal is to make every client touchpoint a WOW experience. I really believe there is a unique opportunity; Open Blend is such a different offering for our clients and will add so much value to their organisations, but the bit that truly excites me, is that I believe as a product it will only get better as we grow with our clients and continue to shape the product collaboratively with them, rather than for them.


 Personally, what makes you a happy and engaged employee?

Innovation in the role and the products I work with. I always want to try be a market leader.


 What do you find most disengaging in a work environment?

I struggle with egos within a workplace. I am a firm believer in understanding the differences within people and respecting those. 'One size fits all' just does not work.


Tell us about your Blend; which element choices were a no-brainer?

Effective team is critical to the enablement of me at work. Health and exercise makes me perform at my best; I must be able to burn my energy! However, just having a brand new baby boy, (less than a week old)- that ability to be flexible of where I work and how I work, is just so important.


What makes you most excited about Open Blend?

A chance to really shape the culture of major organisations through the most obvious way, simply getting regular people having brilliant conversations. I know we will impact talent attraction, retention and the engagement of brilliant client organisations.


We are thrilled to have Ross onboard.

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