Tuesday, 20 December 2016

All I want for Christmas…

...Apart from an Amazon Echo, the entire Charlotte Tilbury catalogue and general merriment, is a better 2017. Whilst fully appreciating that there will be some for whom 2016 was pretty good, I think that next year can and will be less dramatic, more content and if the predictions are correct, evermore people-focused.

Having the ability to predict the future is a truly wonderful thing... BUT... what is the point of clairvoyance if we can’t provide a solution to requirements?

My favourite and slightly biased prediction from the Bersin report centres around the Reinvention of the Leadership Market.

A brief snapshot of the report tells us that:

• 90% of companies rate Leadership Development as super-high on the agenda
• Millennials ARE leaders: over half have 4 or more direct reports
• Classroom training doesn’t work. In fact, (and it is a fact), formal training is the least productive way to develop a Leader
• Highly effective businesses focus on culture, exposure, organisational context and most importantly, continuous feedback and coaching.

(You can download the report here: https://marketing.bersin.com/predictions-for-2017.html)

If wishes sent to Santa do come true, I would urge all companies to ask for (as part of their list) more effective leadership development for one and all. These programs need to be available for all people managers and potentially future people managers, NOT solely reserved for the top 1% of Leaders in their organisations.

With the constant evolution of technology and business, companies must identify their future Leaders quickly and swiftly follow up with their development. If they are unable to engage and drive the modern workforce through their managers, productivity, performance and success will slow down. To solve this using a classroom-based program is dangerous and costly.

Moral of the story? If you decide to revamp your Leadership Development, make sure you spend your money wisely...

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