Tuesday, 13 December 2016

UX for Jobs: The Rise of the Employee Experience

Whilst the war for talent continues across all sectors, companies are tuning into the impact of the experiences they are giving their employees. More importantly, they are beginning to understand the direct correlation of this on future hires.

It should not be any surprise that there is a correlation between employee engagement and a company’s success in customer experience. Through applying the principles of customer experience design to current HR practices, companies can start to align their internal business with their outward facing brand.

Fluffy, intangible and difficult to ascertain any ROI from it, Employee Engagement is often viewed as a ‘nice to have’. But look a little deeper, read a little more, and you will see (from this article alone) that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earning per share. So there’s your ROI. Nice to have, right?

Sounds simple, so what’s the problem? Employees don’t all want the same thing. To effectively impact companywide employee experience, businesses need to understand their employees’ individual drivers and desires. Leaders need to be able to identify these elements so that experiences can be improved. Employers need to upskill their managers, listen to their talent and raise the bar when it comes to employee experience. Failure to do this will inevitably result in higher attrition and poor talent acquisition.

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