Thursday, 17 November 2016

Failure is not an option

We all love an underdog. It’s in our nature. Most of us possess an innate desire to help those who struggle and support the weak. But what happens when the ‘weak’ are the current and future leaders of your business? What if the success and potential of your company is dependent on individuals who are just unable to get the best out of their people?

Leadership development is failing. That’s not just my musings on previous experiences and ideas.

Let’s deal with the facts:

In 2015, Gallup analyzed the engagement levels of 27 million employees worldwide. It found that managers accounted for at least 70 percent of variances in employee-engagement scores.

In a further blow this year, “...A subsequent, 2016, Gallup report looking at approximately 1,500 employees found that only 35 percent of employees surveyed were actually engaged, the obvious conclusion is that it's time to rethink what constitutes good management.”

Combine these two extensive studies and we can say, with real certainty, that not only do our underdogs need more support and backing, there also needs to be a fundamental shift in our approach to development.

Many of the articles state the obvious:

• Clearly defined career paths

• Provision of consistent training

• Constant evaluation

• Building an accountability culture

All pretty straightforward. We can all pat ourselves on the backs at how clever we are when identifying the issues and talking about the probable solutions. Where is the how? How do businesses achieve this in a simple and time-effective manner?

Businesses are crying out for something that encompasses training, goals, evaluation and full accountability. The underdogs need help.

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