Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Millennials are, and Gen Z will be... selfish

Before getting too panicked, don't worry. They are still prepared to make sacrifices for their careers but (and this is the important bit) not to the detriment of their health. And before we all balk at their naivety, perhaps we should give them some credit? Maybe there's some method to their madness in thinking that the world of work should revolve around them?

For anyone who has hired in the last 5 years, you will appreciate that the balance has shifted and talent now demands a culture that fosters fulfilment and wellbeing. Now, more than ever, it is no longer appropriate to segment work, rest and play. It is vital to engagement and productivity to provide an environment where talent can blend these components to reach their potential.

Many clients I have met over the years preach a balance and culture that promotes mindfulness and yet, without fail, they only focus on output. Do you really know what drives and motivates your talent? I mean do you really, truly understand what’s important to them? Or are the majority of us guilty in assuming that a) it’s money and success and b) they are the same as us?

An apple a day and the occasional, free bowl of Cocopops is not going to be enough to keep Gen Z engaged. This generation will account for 20% of the creative industry's workforce by 2020 and they will want to bring their ‘whole-self’ to work. It is our responsibility as leaders to take the time to understand what that looks like and stop being so presumptuous!

"Trend forecasters believe that Generation Z will effectively call a temporary ceasefire on the so-called "war for talent" not just because they are not prepared to make the sacrifices of previous generations, but because they view their own well-being and mental health as the ultimate bottom line. When the once-coveted corner office and killer job title is no longer the ultimate status symbol, businesses are having to fundamentally rethink the structure of work."  

(Quote from this Campaign article:

*This blog post was written by Nic Smith, Head of Sales at Open Blend Method.*


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