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Propel Digital Insights Panel: Top Business Tips from Open Blend Founder, Anna Rasmussen & Other Female Digital Leaders

Advice from the best - are you paying attention?

What’s the secret to keeping your workers happy and productive?

The age-old argument of whether salary or wellbeing is more important still hasn’t been solved, and in truth, smart bosses recognise that we all need a balance of both.

Now, top dogs from digital companies including Starcom, MediaCom and The Future Laboratory have shared their top tips at a panel hosted by Propel and Ada’s List.

These professional leaders have seen how HR can offer vital support. They’ve developed and adopted new ways to improve staff wellbeing, and are already brushed up on the challenges the future holds. They may not have all the answers, but wise businesses will take not of their advice. Will your company take note?

Anna Rasmussen
Reflect on and share your own experiences
Founder at Open Blend Method, a service that helps managers and employees pinpoint and improve the most important areas of their lives – in and out of work. Rasmussen worked her way up the world of sales and marketing at award wining companies including Hydrogen and Silent Edge before opening her own leadership and productivity business in 2008. Her newest company Open Blend Method has already received high praise from clients including Ella’s Kitchen, Waitrose and MediaCom.
  • “Think about when you are your most productive, when are you smashing it out of the park, and use that insight to help your employees perform to the best of their abilities,” says Rasmussen.
  • “Also talk more at work and don’t allow technology to replace conversation.
  • “Put a bit of yourself on the table, and start communicating: if you start sharing things as an authority figure, great stuff will come back your way.”

Deirdre McGlashan
Embrace diversity & showcase your strengths
deirdre mcg
Chief Digital Officer at MediaCom – a global media agency who work with the likes of Coca Cola, Sky and Sony. McGlashan is a successful entrepreneur as as well as a marketing expert. She started her career in San Francisco during the late 90s digital boom and was a Founding Partner at leading London agency AnalogFolk. She went on to serve as CEO of wwwins Isobar Greater China (where she managed a team of 220 digital specialists) and later headed up global digital at Aegis Media. McGlashan joined MediaCom in 2014.
  • “We have to look at the whole gambit: different sexual orientations, different races, different religions, different belief systems, as well as different genders,” says McGlashan.
  • “Go to your organisation and find the thing that’s pretty cool and promote the crap out of it.”
  • “Talking about the awesome stuff helps to get other people on board to create more awesome stuff.”

Tracey Follows
Prepare for the future now
tracey f
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at The Future Laboratory, one of the Britain’s leading trend forecasting consultancies. A highly respected strategist and marketer, Follows has over 20 years of experience and has shaped the brands strategies of brands like T-Mobile, BT, O2, easyJet and John Lewis. She’s worked at ad agencies including JWT and VCCP before retraining as a futurist and setting up her own futures consultancy where she works with tech giants including Google, Telefonica and Unmade. She is currently Marketing magazine’s resident futures columnist, a published author, and you can bet she knows what’s going to happen next.
  • “What we tend to do is to work out what we need now and then try and evolve over time,” says Follows. “But you want to try and think about what the future is going to be like in 30 years and work backwards.”
  • “Some of the skills you’ll need will be adaptability, efficiency, effective problem solving and multidisciplinary – we need to hire now to make us fit for the future.”

Liz Nottingham
Focus on your staff & meet their needs
liz nott

Regional HR Director, Western Europe at Starcom MediaVest Group – one of the world’s largest media networks in the world with clients including Samsung, Honda and Heineken. Before joining Starcom Nottingham held senior HR roles at London Stock Exchange, Epson, and ad agencies Shandwick and Grey London. She’s led Starcom MediaVest Group into the Sunday Times Top 100 for number of consecutive years now, has chaired the Future of Talent Strategy Group for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and was awarded a Fellowship of the IPA for her contribution to the advertising industry. It’s fair to says she knows her industry.

  • “People always seem obsessed with the exit interview, but I’ve never ever understood that,” said Nottingham. “What I’m more interested in is finding out why do people stay on, what we’re doing right, and what the gap is.”
  • “Know what’s going on where you are, how people are feeling, start growing some focus groups around wellbeing, ask questions and talk.”
Jennifer Langdon
Know each other & respect your differences
jen lang
COO at Skimlinks, a London success story that can help your business make more money from its content. As Chief Operating Officer, Jen keeps the Skimlinks train running on time – ensuring operations across the company run smoothly. She has over a decade’s experience in the digital media and advertising world, but gained an appetite for software development when she was studying economics at university and took on a part-time job in a small dev house. Her foundation in software development at the likes of Symbian quickly grew into a passion for technical management. Prior to joining Skimlinks, Jen was VP Engineering and employee number two at OpenX before moving to the same role at ecommerce analytics startup, Jirafe.
  • “Gone are the days where it’s the responsibility of just leaders, or just HR, or just middle managers to make sure that we understand each other and our own employees,” says Langdon.
  • “Gone are the days where I expect people to be at their desks at the same time as I am, or to think of me badly of because I’m not at my desk.”
  • “We have to make sure we bring out the best out each other, and understand that our lives are very, very different.”


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