Work life balance is outdated.

Blend is the future.

The Concept

The term ‘work life balance’ is a tired notion.

It implies our work and life exist in opposition to each other. Managing this seesaw can be exhausting and demotivating. In reality, our commitments are not separate. Instead they come together and influence each other. In short, they blend.

The concept of work life Blend highlights the reality that productivity at work is impacted by life, just as life is impacted by work. Acknowledging, and respecting, that our life and our work blend together is empowering. Get the blend right and performance improves.

The focus is progressive and acknowledges the fact that every individual is different.
Anna Rasmussen
Founder, Open Blend Method

The Benefits

Completing your unique work life Blend is a simple yet revolutionary way of identifying what is important to you.

The process of establishing the most important aspects of our lives and how fulfilled we are in each area allows us to start considering where we need to be to reach our potential. It sounds simple, yet it’s an exercise few of us have ever taken the time to do.

Understanding our unique Blend and the progress you need to make, lets us put our life on the right course, prioritising what matters and side-lining what doesn’t.

With that clarity of direction, you can then launch into either meaningful and ongoing conversations with your employer, or create your own actions. It is a process that promotes self-awareness, knowing that achieving your optimum wellbeing will allow you to be the best you can be.

A benefit to the business as much as the person.

A few words from the people who have acted upon the concept of blend

“I have been able to use my personal blend awareness to build the confidence I needed to have a conversation with my boss I never thought I could have. A macho, male dominated culture clouded my own perception of what was a perfectly natural need and, crucially, showed me that what was making me unhappy at home was making me unproductive at work.”


“I was introduced to blend at just the right time. Feeling negative about my future with my employer and my own worth, working with the concept of blend reassured me that these feelings weren't unique to me and that I could take positive steps to reengage with my career. Within a relatively short period of time, I had rediscovered my motivation and confidence and this led to new opportunities plus, most importantly, an enthusiasm for going to work!”


“What I like about the concept of blend is that it is unique to me and it lets me think about how to manage all aspects of my life rather than feeling like one has to be prioritised over another. In addition, it brings a common language to anyone who manages multiple aspects of their lives which are important and therefore works for not just working mothers but all employees.”


“Identifying my blend has given me permission to enjoy the different aspects of my life within boundaries I set. Specifically this relieved me of negative feelings about having a demanding job that sometimes takes me away from my family. I now have the awareness that the satisfaction I gain from work makes me who I am, and that to be fulfilled and authentically me, my working is the right thing for my family.”


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