We are an online coaching tool that enables people managers to enhance the performance of the modern workforce.

Our framework facilitates coaching-led one-to-ones focused on an individual's wellbeing, key drivers and performance.

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Open Blend Method Clients

For Businesses

People are the heartbeat of any great business. But the best have a choice.

So why would they choose to work for you?

The answer sits with their direct manager and their ability to have effective conversations, not just about performance but about the ‘whole person’. Open Blend Method helps businesses meet that need. It embeds practical steps into your business, designed to put your people’s wellbeing, key drivers and performance front and centre. It transforms your culture into to a place where people want to come to work, and stay.

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Open Blend Method supports businesses by:

  • Upskilling mangagers in coaching capability
  • Creating engaging performance reviews
  • Empowering managers to effectively lead their people
  • Providing real time analytics on employee wellbeing
  • Building an open and honest culture where people want to work
  • Fostering coaching culture

For Managers

In these time-poor days, it can be the 'airtime' available to those we manage that is sacrificed.

Yet when we do that, it is ultimately our business that pays the price as colleagues become disengaged and less productive.

Open Blend Method provides managers with the tools to really understand what drives talent, and then the process to get there, together. The framework is populated with an individual’s unique data creating a time-efficient process that gets to the point quickly. By using Open Blend, managers develop their coaching capability, a skill all managers should have.

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Open Blend Method supports managers by:

  • Providing direct insights into the drivers for each individual
  • Navigating them through a solution focused coaching framework
  • Creating a time efficient process that enables effective communication with individuals on the things that really matter to them
  • Encouraging an open and honest relationship with talent
  • Allowing engaging and meaningful performance reviews

For Employees

In reality life is a rich interplay of many elements; they all need consideration in order to reach our potential.

Only by understanding what is important to you, in all aspects of your life, can you start to be the best version of yourself. Progressive businesses and leaders are realising this. They know by addressing the whole person, not just focusing on output, they will create a more engaged, productive workforce that leads to higher performance.

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Open Blend Method supports employees by:

  • Focusing on them as an individual, not just their output as workers
  • Giving them greater insights into what drives them
  • Providing a pathway of practical actions in the workplace that will enhance their wellbeing and performance
  • Enhancing the coaching support they receive
  • Demonstrating that their 'whole self' is a shared responsibility between them and their manager
  • Creating an open and honest environment in which to speak with their manager

What our users say

  • Right from the start it became apparent this is an alternative to an appraisal but it’s much less effort with much more relevant content, therefore improving efficiency around the entire process. My own wellbeing has definitely improved. There is a certain comfort and encouragement in knowing that I’m a valued employee; this is very clear from the decision by our employer to use Open Blend Method.

    Lisa Shalet

    Operations Manager
    Thinkers Connect

  • Our team and their wellbeing have always been at the heart of our business, we want them to have the freedom to think differently. Open Blend not only gives us the tool to ensure work life blend is at our core but facilitates conversations and behaviour that are bespoke for every individual.

    Frankie Cory

    Mischief PR

  • I believe that Wellbeing underpins performance and that Leaders, could and should, be coaching and supporting their people to work smarter and make time to focus on achieving a happy life: This is what brings business and personal success in the short and long term, sustainably. It sounds simple but so few achieve it. Why? Because few of us know how. The Open Blend Method is the tool to empower leaders to make the change.

    Keith Wallington

    Ex Mimecast/Seedcamp mentor/Open Blend Method advisor

  • Open Blend Method provides a deceptively simple, accessible, time efficient and powerful tool. It enables organisations to address issues of employee engagement and people development in a straightforward but structured way, using a method firmly founded on real and current research. This innovative approach makes it easy for leaders to create meaningful coaching conversations at work.

    Kim Morgan

    Barefoot Coaching

  • As a business leader, it is imperative for me to create a working environment where people want to work. Focussing on the well-being and happiness of those within my direct and in-direct team results in a more motivated and high achieving workforce and I am confident that our unique approach to employee well-being will enable Guidant to make significant strides above our competitors. Open Blend for us simply is a game changer.

    Mel Forbes

    Guidant Group

  • The Open Blend Method has completely transformed the relationships within my team. It was easy to pick up – the online modules are intuitive and guide you through the process, step by step. Exploring the ‘whole person’ takes the guesswork out of people management as you can actually measure their happiness and wellbeing and work towards improving their chosen elements. There has been a significant improvement in the working relationships and harmony across my team since we have been using Open Blend.

    Charlotte Woodward

    Candidate Services Director
    Guidant Group

  • I have found Open Blend method an excellent leadership tool enabling me to really understanding the deep seated motivations of individuals in my team. I've used coaching before and regularly invest time in one to ones and reviews, but this gave me a completely unique insight into how to bring out the best in my talent.

    Catherine Allen

    HR Director
    Ella's Kitchen

  • To try and explain the positive effect that Open Blend Method (OBM) has had on my business is very difficult to do in very few words. I can’t stand the falseness of an ‘appraisal', so in OBM I now have a terrific tool that encourages genuine engagement with your staff and, as a leader, helps you interact with your team and understand how they feel not just as employees, but as individuals that may not always be in the state of mind you think they are.
    It’s engaging, meaningful and at the core is designed to truly help leaders ensure a better understanding of their talent. It’s backed up with excellent technology & analytics which helped me see developing trends across the business and act upon any potential issues that could have risen. I honestly couldn’t recommend Open Blend Method highly enough.

    Gary Trueman

    Thinkers Connect

  • Open Blend Method has got us talking more, managing better and understanding each other. The culmination, is a happier workforce where our working parents feel truly supported by their managers and hence the agency.

    Karen Blackett


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